Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner to sign up?

Nope! The great thing about Lindy Hop classes are that we interchange partners, so you’re never dancing with the same person twice in a row! It allows you to meet fantastic new people and get a broad range of dancing experience from really early on. Not only that, but you get to dance with the friendly teachers! (we’re friendly, i swear!). If you dont like to rotate, thats fine too, bring a partner down and JUST HAVE FUN!

What if I’ve never danced before?

That’s fine and absolutely not a problem! Everyone has to start from somewhere and even our teaching team had balance and co-ordination problems when they first started (some STILL have a balance issue). As long as you can walk, you can dance. And even then, you can still groove around in your chair!.

I have two left feet or I’m totally unfit. Should I sign up?

Sure! You might want to take it a little easier, but really, the classes are designed to be able to work with everyone in the class’ level. If you have some serious problems, tone it back and tell the teacher that you need to take it a bit easier. Believe us, we don’t always go 100% all the time (especially Rick)!

Do I need special clothes or shoes in order to take the classes?

Casual or loose fitting clothing or things you don’t mind sweating in, because you’re definitely going to SWEAT! As for shoes, leather soles are great and sneakers are fine as well (but can be prohibitive on spins). Shoes without a heel would be better!